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#YelliVoice a Brazilian Espresso

This product is not available for donations through other fundraisers. #YelliVoice Proceeds are only sent to The Lily LaRue Foundation.

The #YelliVoice is named for a dear friend's daughter and her foundation, The Lily LaRue Foundation. 20% of the sales from this coffee will go to projects The H Life would not be able to reach without Lily LaRue! Our team can only do so much.  Partnership is something we all need to make great things happen in the DIPG Community. Children's Brain Tumor Project MSK NYC, The Children's Inn at NIH Bethesda MD, and the DIPG Collaborative will all benefit from #YelliVoice. 

#YelliVoice is a rich Brazilian Espresso.  We never decaffeinate an espresso bean.  It kinda seems like a major sin.  

In Loving Memory of Lily LaRue Anderson

 At the age of five Lily LaRue Anderson was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, commonly referred to as DIPG. She battled with her “Boo-Boo” for 11 months, during which time she touched the lives of thousands from all over the world. Despite enduring a daily pill regimen, weekly blood draws, and everything else that came with it, Lily never stopped enjoying her love of comedy, animals, music, and life itself. Through it, all Lily continued to bring smiles to the faces of everyone she met.
 "In my ..."Lily's" ... absence
Life hangs upon me and becomes a burden.
I am ten times undone, while hope, and fear,
And grief and rage and love rise up at once,
And with variety of pain distract me...."
~Joseph Addison