Say My Name Subscriptions & Gift Boxes

Say My Name shares the stories of our children, brings awareness to the fight and raises funds for the projects that mean the most to our families.  This program was developed to do many of the "To Do" list items that Heather left for me.  There is a long list of Momma Do's but I am excited to be able to help families support the programs dear to their hearts.

20% of every box goes to the charity of choice designated by the discount code designated to the child that is celebrated.  The codes do not end until the parents choose to end the discount code.  The funds are given to known 501(c)3 charities with great projects and reputations. 

*If a family chooses to end their code, 20% will be added to our Research fund.  The giving continues as long as you like.  Our program of choice is Gift From a Child, Swifty Foundation. 

Heather's Sample Box was our first subscription.  We learn so much from our members here.  They are highly communicative and let us know what they like.  This sampler program is going to have many changes but all for the better.  Want to know what we are working on?  This is where it starts! This box is $28 per month great for the budget and still provides amazing coffee. 

We have many more ideas to come...a tea subscription is next on the list!