Say My Name, Coffee Subscription
Say My Name, Coffee Subscription
Say My Name, Coffee Subscription

Say My Name, Coffee Subscription

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Cardinals and Snowflakes

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2022.  I hope this year is all that you have prayed for. We send a heart felt thanks to all of you who have supported our endeavour. This subscription is so very dear to my heart.  It does so many things in one little box.  This box shares the stories of children we love.  Those who have passed and those who are fighting for their lives. I am excited to share stories of the kiddos and reach new places to give. 

What do we hope to accomplish with our subscription?

We will help people become aware of DIPG, we will fund research, and bless families with this box.  "Say My Name" super special to me because I have been dreaming of a way to do this for a long time.  How do we share their stories?  How is it possible to put this project together so that the children's stories will be told?  While we are sharing stories is it possible to raise funds for projects dear to families hearts?  Is it possible to support awareness, families, and research all at the same time?  We are getting better at this every day. Here is only the beginning.  I hope you love this subscription. 

This months theme is Cardinal's and Snowflakes.  We have added a beautiful charm with the Legend of The Cardinal, the sweetest little snowflakes and a few unexpected goodies this month. Spotting a Cardinal is a blessing to so many.  Legend has it that Cardinals are messengers to let us know that we are never far apart, the spirit of those we have lost lives on forever within our hearts.  When we see a Cardinal we know it's true that our children are never far away and always with us. I hope this little reminder will be a blessing to you. 


January 2022 Subscription:

Maple Pecan Cream 8 oz
Jamaican Me Crazy 8 oz
Gingerbread 8 oz
The Legend of The Cardinal Charm



Jamaican Me Crazy shares the story of Jayce Diaz.  When talking with Cassie, Jayce's Momma, we talked about how they used to say that to each other all the time. This box is in perfect time.  It is his first heavenly birthday, January 26.  Celebrate this life with us and send his family all the love you can.  Jamaican Me Crazy coffee one of our top sellers and there is a reason why! The aroma is amazing, the taste sincerely brings home all the aroma promises and more.  It's like a vacation in a cup.  We all need an extended vacation these days! Kahluah, Caramel, and Vanilla is truly a taste you won't want to live without. 

Maple Pecan Cream is Noah Evans coffee. Noah also has his first Angelversary this month.  We celebrate him on this label.  Noah loves pancakes and this is the coffee that most reminds me of coffee and pancakes.  The flavors are smooth and comfortable like Sunday morning. We are so excited to hear how much you love this coffee.  We have had so much fun talking about how much Noah would love this!  We are thankful for his life!

Gingerbread is this months flavor from Heather.  When we chose to make Gingerbread coffee this year I thought about all the great times we had making cookies, houses, and making fun things to drink.  I think Heather would love this one. It has definitely been a hit, a great winter coffee. 

I am hoping to hear from all of you!  I hope 2022 is blessed, prosperous, and above all healthy!