September 21, 2019  Our Event begins at 10:30 so please come a little early to get seated.  This ticket is for One Child and One Adult.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

This event is located at Hawthorne Park, 500 Ackerman Porter, Indiana

You will be greeted by an abundance of bubbles and The Fairy Godmother.  Come through the doors to check in and there will be a beautiful display of Gourmet Cupcakes. To the left,  a boutique of wonderful items including The H Life Coffee both cold brew and hot.  10:30 am there will be an introduction to our Cast by Mary Poppins herself.  When the introductions of the cast arrive we will escort each table to photos with our guests Belle, Beast, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Aurora, Tinker Bell, Snow White, Rapunzel, Moana, and Mary Poppins. 

After photos the song be our guest will be played and our Cupcakes will be served with pink lemonade.  In your envelope will be a ticket for 1 free coffee for the Chaperone!  Gourmet Coffee will be for sale both cold and hot brew.  There will be song and dance until the clock strikes 12:00!  Cinderella will leave and Prince Charming and Cast will help everyone to help Cinderella.  We will walk over the bridge and to the gazebo where Gary, the Pony from True North Training Stables awaits with his carriage.  We will also have a tent with face painting, group photos and a place to play while waiting for your Princesses turn to have a carriage ride with Gary the Pony!  

Pony rides will be given in the order of arrival.  You will have a ticket in your envelope given to you at sign in. 

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