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Heather's Coffee Subscription

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The first mailing of our subscriptions will be sent the 10th of each month.

This subscription will send you four of our 4 oz coffee to sample.  Each time you fill this subscription you will receive 3 flavored coffees and one unflavored. The coffees will change monthly so there is always something new to try. 

Joshua’s Brew-Costa Rican Dark with medium Colombian roast

Chocolate Coconut -Eli the Brave

Vanilla Cake Pop-Garrett Weber

Highland Grogg -St Patrick’s Day

I hope you love this months subscription!

If choosing the decaffeinated option the unflavored each month will be Guatemalan Decaf.  No other beans are decaffeinated.  

Our coffee is freshly roasted and will take a minimum of 7-10 days to be shipped.