Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee
Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee

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Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee

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A fun coffee with a hint of vacation.  This is an island blend of Kahlúa, caramel, and vanilla that brings an aroma you'll love with a taste you won't want to do without.

                                              Jayce Patrick Diaz-Say My Name

Jayce was a free spirit. He loved to dance, sing, paint, draw and most of all, build.  Jayce always expressed how much he wanted to be a “builder” when he grew up. LEGOS were his specialty. Jayce loved and thrived on spending time with his family.

From the time he was born, Jayce had an old soul. He had a witty sense of humor,  infectious smile and contagious laugh that drew people to him. His mere existence could light up a room. There’s not a soul that he encountered, that he didn’t touch in some way.

Despite all he endured, Jayce had a tremendous heart. He was selfless, from donating all of his toys, to making someone smile with a personalized painting of his. He always thought of ways to spread love and light into the lives of others.

He faced DIPG with a resilience and fortitude that inspired all who knew of his story

Produced in Michigan City, Indiana