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The H Life

NICK 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

NICK 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Such an exciting time to celebrate! As the NICK Foundation wraps up the 15th year we are celebrating. NICK has assisted more than 300 families, we hope we helped you in some way during your child’s cancer journey. Thank you for allowing us to travel it with you. Please know we are still here for you.

This is our 15th anniversary shirt!  Please share your story with NICK, wear your shirt, and share all the good things that are done here!  

The H Life is also a NICK Family.  NICK helped us from Heather's diagnosis to her passing and even after as The H Life has become what it is today.

The H Life and NICK are both so excited for this shirt and celebrating the past 15 years and the progress each of our organizations have made in overcoming the impossible together.

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