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The H Life

Boxes of Hope: Light of Hope

Boxes of Hope: Light of Hope

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This box shares the story of  3 precious children and one candle for our warriors.  

#Yellyvoice is a favorite.  The smell of Espresso is always a good thing and this candle does not disappoint. When deciding to create a coffee for Lily LaRue Anderson we needed something strong, vibrant, and with a lot of pizzazz.  Lily's hashtag is #Yellyvoice.  Use your #Yellyvoice to help overcome DIPG/DMG. 

NoahBRAVE: His coffee is Maple Pecan Cream and so is his candle.  Brave is just the beginning of describing this amazing human.  He is a source of inspiration, strength, and Bravery that has no limits.

Creme Brûlée:  Jace Ward.  His coffee is also Creme Brûlée.  It's a hug in a mug and this candle is the same.  Comfort and Strength. Jace had fortitude, direction, and the ability to bring people together.  

Gingerbread:  This celebrates all of our warriors to come.  Our prayer to help them have victory over this monster cancer and enjoy the sweetness of life.  

I hope that you love this candle bundle.  This one, like all boxes of Hope are made and ready to ship.  When they are gone, there will be no more of this exact same box.

Great for gift giving.

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