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Buttercream Frosting Coffee

Buttercream Frosting Coffee

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This coffee has been made for a specific little girl in mind: Raegan Mize. It took us a while to find just the right one but this is it.

Raegan loved celebrating her birthday and yours too. Especially if you had frosting on the cake. The flavor of the Buttercream Frosting Coffee has no added sugar, creamer, preservatives, just coffee and the flavoring. It is made at a medium roast.

The coffee reminds me of having cake and coffee without the calories of the coffee but has this amazing smooth butter cream frosting taste. This coffee is Raegan's until Andrea and Marc choose to remove the coffee. This is Raegan's story.

Raegan Mize- Say My Name 

How can one describe someone so essential, beautiful, wise, and loving in just a few words?  I don’t think it’s possible.  Maybe just a peek into her magnificence? Raegan’s beautiful blue eyes, smiles, and laugh lit up every room and every heart who ever met her.

Her favorite color was pink, but she loves purple and teal too.  

Her favorite flavor was chocolate and vanilla.

Raegan loved unicorns.

She loved animals especially dogs and dolphins.

She loved to ride her bike, go on hikes to look for treasure, swimming, slides and swings. She loved to draw and color!  Raegan spent time making pictures and cards for everyone she loved and even met for the first time. If someone was sick or sad Raegan loved to put a smile on their face with a handmade picture or card.  Sometimes she would even add her own money too.

Raegan was always full of hugs and cuddles. Cuddles and Hugs… one cannot get a large enough supply to last a lifetime without her.

Moana was her favorite. During radiation the Moana soundtrack was played. She passed away peacefully in our arms during “How Far I’ll Go”. For 18 months Raegan fought with the utmost bravery and courage always with a smile, the world’s deadliest Pediatric Cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma known as DIPG. Raegan’s light still shines bright and we as her parents along with her army and the DIPG community will not stop until a cure is found. 

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will 5-7 days before shipping.  


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