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Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Coffee

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Coffee

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It's that melt in your mouth chocolate frosting, the one that beckons you to just take one more spoonful. So smooth and creamy dreamy but even better because it's coffee. There is no sugar, no sweeteners just absolute deliciousness in this haven of yumminess. 

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Coffee is a medium roast Colombian bean with all the milk chocolate flavor combined with all the goodies that makes Buttercream flavor.  

Owen East - Say My Name

Owen Daniel East was born 10/20/16 at 33 weeks. Ever since he was born early, Owen was on the go and wanted to go FAST. His favorite characters were Buzz Lightyear and Sonic. Owen did not know fear and never backed down from an amusement park ride or a blood draw.

Owen means “warrior,” and he couldn’t have lived any truer to his name. He fought for over a month in the NICU at birth before being diagnosed with brain cancer/DMG at 4yo. He battled bravely for 24 months before passing on 6/30/23 at 6 years old.

Owen spread smiles and laughter everywhere he went. He had a passion for music, singing, and dancing. He was a prankster and quite mischievous, but loving and gentle to his core and a very proud older brother.  He is loved and missed beyond measure.

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