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Lily Bean Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Lily Bean Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

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What if chocolate and raspberries had almost no calories and it was boosted by one of the most amazing coffee flavors ever? This is a decadent chocolate flavor with the sweet accent of raspberries. 

We have had a great time with this Guatemalan medium roast coffee! We mixed it with hot cocoa, added whip cream and chocolate sauce (then we had calories). This is a delicious treat! When it is all said and done chocolate raspberry is just yummy all by itself!

LilyBean is all about a sweet baby that had a big effect but a short time here on earth.  We are excited to share her story.


In her mere 46 days on Earth, Lily faced the formidable challenge of a brain

stem tumor with a courage that resonated deeply within her community. De-

spite the heart-wrenching brevity of her life, every moment spent with Lily

became a treasure for those who knew her. Her legacy endures through

Unite4Lily, a compassionate initiative born from the love she inspired in peo-

ple throughout the world.

Unite4Lily stands as a beacon of support for patients and parents at Peyton

Manning Children’s Hospital, where Lily battled her illness. The organization

aims to alleviate the practical burdens that accompany a hospital stay and

providing essential items like educational toys, offering gift cards for food,

gas, and assisting with the costs of lodging. In the face of tragedy, Unite4Lily

channels the spirit of love that surrounded Lily during her brief but impact-

ful time on earth and extending that love to others facing similar struggles.

Through this mission, Lily’s memory lives on, and her enduring legacy is one

of compassion, community, and the transformative power of selfless giving

in the face of adversity allowing families to focus more on what is most im-

portant – family!

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will take up to 5-7 days before shipping. 

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