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Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cream

Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cream

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Rich and decadent coffee. Luxuriously self-indulgent quiet time coffee that will keep a smile on your face the entire cup.

This medium roast coffee was created by Erica Warner in memory of her sister Courtney Warner. Truly Erica is her sister's keeper! This is a great way to share a memory.  

Courtney Marie Warner - Say My Name

June 13, 2002 the world was introduced to this fiery red head, Courtney Marie Warner. She was super independent and needed money to help fund her fashion addiction! Talk about shoes and clothes galore! She enjoyed her job and coworkers at Jewel-Osco. She loved to ride her bike to and from work.

Her sisters often would have friends reach out to them letting them know “We saw Courtney again on her bike!” When she wasn’t working or at the gym she would use her free time watching movies, tv shows, drawing/painting, and listening to music. Her family liked to call her an old soul. She knew the older Hollywood movie stars, random facts and quotes.

Courtney’s dreams and ambitions came to a halt September 28, 2020 when diagnosed with a terrible brain cancer called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). The next 7 months were filled with fighting for her life. Prayer helped her and the family and continues too. She even asked for prayer when she was having her difficulty, but remained positive throughout her journey.

May 2, 2021 Courtney passed, just 7 months after being diagnosed. Please remember Courtney for the kind, loving, and funny woman she was becoming. Even in her darkest times she continued to comfort her loved ones and reassure them. She will never be forgotten as she is way too special to forget. Forever in our hearts.

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will take 5-7 days  before shipping.  

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