Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Although I cannot yet speak authoritatively about the history, I can tell you some great things about our beans.  Yirgacheffe is a small region where beans thrive.  The plants grow naturally because of the region's elevations, soil, and thick vegetation.  A tropical climate with moderate seasons is a coffee plants happy place. This allows for natural processing. Since the climate is ideal, Yirgacheffe plants can be harvested without chemicals.

 Naturally processed beans have a heavy fruit and wine flavor.  They may have hints of cherry, grape, lime, and peach.  Their natural process gives them an earthy taste. The beans make a delicious light or medium-roast with distinctive floral notes.  I have found Yirgacheff to be a mellow coffee with a mild body.  The taste is clean, vibrant, and sometimes even coconutty.  

After tasting the Yirgacheffe in a french press,  pour-over, percolator, and dare I say automatic drip coffee...I don't think anyone of them is wrong.  The pour-over tends to bring out the lemon acidity making it a sweeter coffee.  Personal favorite although a group of our testers liked the French Press a little better.  You will have to experiment for yourself to see!

 Our beans are roasted when we have orders for them.  Each order will be shipped after a minimum of 72 hours from receiving the order.  We keep things fresh around here.