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Esther's Chocolate Cake Coffee

Esther's Chocolate Cake Coffee

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Cake...Cake and Coffee...better...oh chocolate cake and coffee...yum 

no added sugar make it as healthy as I can and then dedicate the coffee to Esther, perfection. Yes absolute perfection.


Esther Rebecca Faith Desrosiers - Say My Name

Esther Rebecca Faith Desrosiers turned 6 on October 24, 2022, and went into Jesus’ arms on February 12, 2023.

Esther had a unique gift from God to win your heart at first sight.

Her silly faces, unbelievable sayings, grownup conversations, and graceful dance moves harmed us all, and we’ll all miss Esther until we see her again. Esther wants all of us to always “Try your best” and let God do the rest. We are comforted in knowing that Jesus greeted Esther saying, “You did try your best; I’m so very proud of you.”

Esther’s miraculous life and legacy was full of more passion and adventure than some can hope for in decades, and her miraculous story will continue to be told and used to help other kids like her “with ports.”

#EsthersMiracle #Esther73

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will take up to 7-10 days before shipping. 

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