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Guatemalan Dark Roast Coffee

Guatemalan Dark Roast Coffee

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The deep rich tones in this dark roasted coffee is a beautiful harmony of a smooth sophistication that can only come from the Antigua Region.

Every Guatemalan Coffee as a different flavor profile. It's one of the reasons we love it so much! Antigua has an intense aroma and is a beautiful morning coffee. This is McKenna's Coffee.  The profile fits her. 

Say My Name - McKenna Royer

Brave Like McKenna

McKenna came into this world with a fire in her heart and smile that radiated love. Even at the young age of 11 McKenna has impacted the lives of so many people. Her playful spirit and up for anything personality shined so brightly. She enjoyed being in nature and loved an adventure. She loved water whether it was the beach in Hawaii or the lake at her family's farm. She was wise beyond her years. She touched the hearts of many.

August 16, 2023 should have been McKenna’s first day of 5th grade. Instead, persistent episodic headaches led to an MRI which showed a large tumor at the base of her brain. The Neurology team operated and removed the tumor.

She was diagnosed with Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG), a highly aggressive form of pediatric brain cancer. There is currently "no known cure" and unfortunately, the US standard of care is limited. McKenna did six weeks of targeted radiation followed by two rounds of immunotherapy. Before beginning her third and final round of treatment, McKenna started to show symptoms of tumor regrowth. An MRI revealed this to be true and within a few short days, she lost her short 6 month brave battle to this cruel disease. She showed the world what it meant to live and love and will be missed by all who knew her.

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will take 5-7 days before shipping. 

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