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Joshua's Blend

Joshua's Blend

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Joshua's Blend - A blend of a Costa Rican Dark and our Guatemalan coffee.  This is for the coffee lover.  There are no added flavors.  No need this blend stands strong! Like Joshua, solid, unwavering, and just awesome all around.

 Joshua's McFadden - Say My Name

Joshua was a sweet and caring 11 year old when he was diagnosed with Diffuse intristic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) on February 2nd, 2016. Joshua was passionate about the Green Bay Packers, video games and those around him. Soon after being diagnosed, we took a Make A Wish trip to Silicon Valley in order to take a tour of Google. One of his favorite memories was meeting Jordy Nelson, a player for the Packers. Through all of this, Joshua was treated at luries by Doctors Stewart Goldman and Alica lenzen. Joshua had to undergo radiation for 6 weeks, in hopes to stop the tumor growth. In June we participated in a trial in New York, unfortunately resulting in the need for a ventilator. He fought for 11 months before losing his battle on January 15, 2017, leaving behind two sisters, a step sister, parents and step parents.
Although passing away, Joshua has continued to impact and change those who met him, along with those who were unable to meet him in his short time. Just before passing he asked what he had acheived in life, and what his purpose was on earth, questions no 12 year old should begin to think of. Joshua requested to have his brain and brainstem donated for research so that no other children had to go through all the pain that he went through In 2017.

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