Kalliegator's Blueberry Chocolate Coffee

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Kalliegator's Blueberry Chocolate Coffee

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This coffee...We have a Chocolate Raspberry Coffee so when we talked with Hayley Dickens about making her daughter Kallie's Blueberry Chocolate I knew this was going to be a great coffee. This coffee is dedicated to sweet Kallie Dickens and will remain her coffee all of 2023.  I hope this coffee produces a ton of hope, good memories, and tons of cash for Kallie's Projects.  

When testing the coffee I found that it makes a a great cold brew as well as hot coffee.  I brewed in several ways and added different ingredients.  My favorite sweetener in this coffee was honey and my favorite cream was the half and half.  For the cold brew I preferred the heavy whipping cream with no sugar.  I felt like I could drink the gallon. 

From Hayley, Kallie's Momma

Kallie is our bright, beautiful, forever four year old little girl.  She was given to us on this earth for only a short time.  She left us here (hermom, dad, and sister Kora) to continue living out her legacy.  Her time was short, but she changed the world with the time she had.  our world will never be the same.  We will remember her kindness, her selflessness, her always wanting to make everyone around her feel special and loved.  We will fight to keep spreading her joy.  To be happy.  To have a thumbs up even when times are hard.  We will cary her light with us the rest of our days.  We hope to shed just a little bit of that light on on such a dark time in a family's life. 

To support Kallies family remember to use the reference code ?ref=W4dzJ To insure all of your orders support their mission please use the link.