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Maple Bacon Coffee

Maple Bacon Coffee

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This coffee was originally created for a local festival. It is now Jace Thompson's coffee.

It is exactly what it says. Maple and bacon flavored Columbian medium roast coffee.  You will have to try it!  This coffee is produced by order. The proceeds of our coffees always go to families and research. Here is just a little bit about Jace!

Jace Kinley Thompson - Say My Name
He was the caboose to our family. Jace was a boy who loved everything about being outdoors. He loved monster trucks, his cowboy boots with pajamas, and his John Deere Power wheels tractor; but most of all he loved being with his daddy, mommy, and big brother Blake.

As soon as we laid eyes on him when he was born, an “old soul” is what we said he was. Jace had a desire to learn everything he could about how to build a garden, chickens, trucks, farm combines, and owls. He loved deeply and was truly a child who was far wiser than his years. Jace knew only one speed: as fast as he could so that it would worry Mommy. He quickly learned how to play baseball and was so excited to start in the spring of 2018. He never got that chance.
Jace was the kindest and sweetest soul. Even when he was sick, he was thinking of others more than himself. He began the Embraced by Jace stuffed animal campaign.
When he met someone special to him, he would hug one of the stuffed animals to give to that person. We have no idea what his criteria were for this - only he did. That was ok.

Jace deserved to live. He was only 4 when he was diagnosed with DIPG
We miss his smile, and his laugh, and his hugs. We will forever wonder who he would be today. Our sweet baby.
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