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The H Life

Maple Pecan Cream Coffee

Maple Pecan Cream Coffee

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Maple pecan cream medium roastcoffee. The taste is perfect like Sunday morning breakfast. The aroma reminds me of candied pecans from a vendor cart, all warm and inviting.

We don't add sugar or sweeteners to our coffee. The taste is all the paradise of maple pecans without the sugar. We remember Noah Thomas Evans on the label of this coffee!

Noah Thomas Evans- Say My Name

Noah Thomas Evans lit up every room he walked into with his genuine smile, caring eyes, and joyful demeanor. Selfless and gentle, Noah was always eager to encourage others with a kind word or his famous hugs.

Whether you were a close friend or you just met, Noah had the ability to make you feel seen, known, and deeply loved. Noah, the middle of 3 boys, had an infectious giggle, wore crazy socks, enjoyed pancakes and bacon anytime of the day, and ate bananas smothered in peanut butter with Nutella. A soccer player, Noah loved making people laugh through improv, performing in musical theater, and singing show tunes, especially from Hamilton, while dancing around the house.

His favorite thing on earth was to spend time with family, whether it was playing a fierce game of PickleBall, sitting around the kitchen table puzzling or playing poker, or cuddling on the couch watching the latest Marvel movie. Noah impacted many people during his 13 years of life and the way he bravely battled brain cancer for 16 months with authentic gratitude, joy, and humor was inspiring.

At one of his appointments, during his neurology test, Noah’s oncologist asked him if he had any weaknesses. Without hesitation Noah replied “cute puppies”. Unamused, his doctor clarified by asking him if he was experiencing any muscle weakness. Noah swiftly responded “only when I’m being tickled”.

People have said that being with Noah was like being in the presence of an angel. After Noah went to heaven on January 14, 2021, Noah’s theater company, CYT Nashville, renamed the award given to the cast member who most exemplifies Christ-likeness during the run of a show “The Noah Evans Award.”


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