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Mia Saberson Faith Over Fear 40 0z Tumbler

Mia Saberson Faith Over Fear 40 0z Tumbler

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To tell the story of someone so very valiant, courageous, kind, and faithful is an absolute joy!  This is Mia Saberson's message to you.  No matter what you are fighting, overcoming, choose Faith over Fear every time. The proceeds for this tumbler go to an another Mia.  She is a local girl fighting to win and determined to share the word as well.  

Let's help Mia continue with her great legacy!

Say My Name - Mia Saberson

Amazing Mia was a strong, God-loving, boisterous, and passionate young lady who was athletic and competitive. Mia loved to play soccer and flag football. She was also a member of the cheerleading team at her middle school, all while maintaining a high academic average. Mia was deeply faithful and believed in the power of prayer. She persevered through her cancer journey with "Faith Over Fear" and battled for 10 months. In her short life, Mia learned the importance of loyalty and friendship. She surrounded herself with many friends from all different walks of life.

Mia worked hard, played hard, and loved even harder. She inspired others to be loyal, caring and supportive friends. Mia not only taught us, but showed us what true determination and fight is. She loved life and made the best of each day as she continuously made us laugh. 

Mia would say that her family was her hero, but she was our hero. Fighting DIPG the way that she did was something that only she could have done. She proved to us that it is not how you start, but how you finish, and her story isn't finished. Her legacy, her fight, and determination to help others will be carried on. It is our job to honor her by living life to the fullest and never taking anything for granted. She will always be our #Amazing Mia. 

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