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Mint and Chip Ice Cream Coffee

Mint and Chip Ice Cream Coffee

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It's mint and chip ice cream flavor, no sugar, no cream added. This was Heather's favorite ice cream. It was also Kambria Grenfell's favorite.

It took as a while to come up with the right blend but I think this is pretty awesome. I think we would get a thumbs up from both of girls. Let me know how much you love this medium roast coffee!

This is Kambria Grenfell's Story:

Kambria enjoyed life to the fullest from the time she was young and always was looking for ways in which she could help others find their joy as well.

Dance, gymnastics, running, math, art, and teaching others about all that she knew was her jam. We would have morning dance parties in the kitchen before school and I can’t tell you how many times I told her that it wasn’t a great idea to be doing cartwheels and handstands in the middle of a store isle.

Kambria’s big smile would just light up a room in fact she was one of those people where you could see her smile in her big beautiful eyes as well. Let me tell you about her laugh. She would laugh so hard she would cry and even if you didn’t know what she was laughing at she had you laughing so hard you would be crying as well.

Kam loved the color teal, she loved her family and friends with all of her heart, she loved the magic of Christmas, llamas, and she loved to travel and hoped to travel more in the future.

Kambria died from DIPG on September 18, 2021 after a nine month battle. She fought with strength and grace and touched so many lives in her short ten years on earth. A quote that Kambria said during her fight was, “Don’t forget that life is tough, but God has you.”



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