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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

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I can't get enough of this coffee. No seriously it has all the good things. Banana, caramel, vanilla and then to top all of this deliciousness off.... we added coconut cream. This is solid deliciousness.

Monkey Business has a lot to offer whether you choose cold or hot brew. This coffee is a medium roast, and needs no extras. We do not add sugars or creamers or milk products to our coffee that is all up to you!

However I did a thing, I made cold brew, added some coconut ice cream and it was a good thing. A very good thing. Try it for yourself. 

Chloe Amanda Feyerherm-Say My Name

Chloe was a girly girl. She loved dressing up, shopping and the colors pink and purple.  She liked to sing and dance.  Going to school, spending time with her friends and family was her favorite.  Chloe had the gift of giving.  She loved to make things for her friend.  She never wanted to leave anyone out! Her bright, energetically free spirit shined so bright her friends still remember her and cherish the gifts that she made for them.  

Chloe was a natural entertainer who loved to make people laugh.  She always had a joy and silliness about her, making sure that everyone around her was smiling.  Then, DIPG. 

She was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pointing Glioma in November of 2006 and fought for eleven months.  DIPG never danged her spirit or took away her love of life. The Love, Chloe Foundation was made in her honor.  They work to raise awareness and funding for DIPG while helping families fighting childhood cancer in Kansas.  They also run the Monkey in my Chair project; for children missing school because of a cancer diagnosis.  Most recently they were able to get the license plate for Kansas for childhood cancer awareness.  The plate is beautiful and will do great things for Chloe's cause!

***Each order is freshly roasted and hand packaged and will take up to 7-10 days before shipping. 

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