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The H Life

Oh Nutz!

Oh Nutz!

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Treat yourself to a nutty surprise with Oh Nutz! Its nutty flavors will have you drooling, inviting you to come back for more.

Packed with flavor and crunch, it's the perfect coffee blend to satisfy your cravings! The trifecta of Hazelnut, Pecan, and Brazil Nuts make this blend an absolute crowd-pleaser! 

This coffee is all about Anthony Pappalos.  Here is his story.

Anthony Pappalos - Say My Name

Anthony was a brilliant boy filled with positivity, compas- sion, smiles, laughter and love. Anthony loved learning about space and everything NASA. When he grew up he wanted to be an astronomer. He also was a meatball con- noisseur and a big Chicago Cubs fan (despite growing up on the South Side of town). Anthony loved life, even until the very end of his short life, he smiled and his positivity radiated, it was contagious. His laugh was infectious!

Despite his 19 month battle with DIPG and the toll it was taking on his body, Anthony never lost his beautiful smile. He never lost his sense of humor. He never lost his love for his family, his friends, or for his passion to live life to its absolute fullest. Anthony was an avid journalist and would often end his journal entries with “I had a good day today”. His family and friends try to carry forth that attitude and outlook to strive for GOOD days.

On the morning of March 9, 2017, surrounded by love and his family, our precious boy took his last breath on this earth. He was 7 years old and is now “forever 7” in our hearts and minds.

Anthony’s smile, positivity and love has had an impact on hundreds. He brought not only his family together, but also the community throughout his fight against DIPG. His fam- ily is dedicated to finding cure for DIPG in his honor and in honor of all of the warriors that fought this monster.

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