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S'Mores Coffee

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S'mores Coffee is a favorite, the creamy chocolate flavor is blended with the perfect amount of marshmallow and a hint of cinnamon graham cracker. The flavor is based in a smooth medium roast Colombian Bean. I am proud of this coffee, but even more privileged to share the person's story this coffee represents.  

Payton Slaymaker is a bright spot in anyone's day. She brought together thousands of people to pray in a time of riots, pandemic, and absolute distress for our nation.  She reminded us of the importance of life, finding our strength in Christ, and even more that Fear is a Liar. Although Payton is no longer with us, she will never be forgotten. The H Life will produce her coffee as long as her parents will allow us to tell her story.  

I hope you enjoy this coffee, take a deep breath and have an opportunity to celebrate her life, your life, and the possibilities of the future. Thank you for your support!