Spearmint Tea

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Spearmint Tea

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Clean, refreshing, invigorating green tea. This simple, light taste is soothing and oh so delicious! Premium organic loose leaf spearmint. Cool and refreshing with a mild sweetness and complexity. Great for digestion. Also good for breaking up coughs. Naturally caffeine free. This product contains 10 of our 1 tablespoon bags. 

This tea is part of Brenna Corcoran's Say My Name.  

Brenna Jane Francis Corcoran was a 4-year-old with beautiful long eye lashes and big blue eyes. Brenna was the youngest of 6 children, she was the youngest child of Bonnie and Robert Corcoran. Brenna came to live with mom and dad when she was 6 months old and was officially adopted on April 16th, 2021, when she was 3 1/2- years- old. She loved Disney, princesses, unicorns, make-up and motorcycles. She loved hanging out with her 3 sisters, brother, Mommy and Daddy. Her older siblings encouraged her to be extra sassy and she always made sure her voice was heard. You could find her on the t-ball field, in gymnastics class and dressed ready for dance class. Brenna loved school and spending time with her friends. Her 3-year-old- nephew, Christopher, was her best friend. She loved going to the beach but had to have a pool on the beachside because she would not get in the ocean. Her smile will always be contagious and never be forgotten. She was truly a Warrior Princess. Brenna fought DIPG with strength and bravery for 7.5 months.

This tea comes in bags only.  Each bag has a full tablespoon.  A tablespoon will easily make 20 ounces of tea.  Add your tea bag to Brenna's tumbler with hot water, add the lid and the beautiful aroma of spearmint tea will be waiting for you.  The lid from Brenna's Tumbler is perfect for helping your tea steep.